Hello, I am a development science researcher interested in well-being, individual development, children, adolescents, and families in the digital age; A computational social science learner who hopes to use data science to serve human development and well-being research; A researcher on artificial intelligence chatbots hopes to learn more about the relationship between artificial intelligence and people's daily lives.
Xiping Jiang


I deeply love reading. For me, reading is not only about absorbing words, but also about thinking and communicating across time and space. It plays an indispensable role in academic research, my major, and daily life. I specifically divided the reading content into several parts for better sharing and organization.

Firstly, it is “Recent Reading“, which records my recent reading trajectory;

Secondly, there are “classic papers and monographs“, which gather the most influential and valuable academic literature in my opinion.

As for reading about life, I have chosen to place it in the “Media and Art” section of the “Life” section, where there is more content closely related to the art of life.