Hello, I am a development science researcher interested in well-being, individual development, children, adolescents, and families in the digital age; A computational social science learner who hopes to use data science to serve human development and well-being research; A researcher on artificial intelligence chatbots hopes to learn more about the relationship between artificial intelligence and people's daily lives.
Xiping Jiang


Welcome to my learning zone! For me, learning is not only about accumulating knowledge, but also a systematic and comprehensive process. The following are the four dimensions that I divide learning into, and my understanding and emphasis on each dimension:

1. Knowledge: By studying the theories and facts of various disciplines, I hope to establish a structured and systematic knowledge system, and gradually form a huge knowledge network from multiple knowledge systems.
2. Skills: Skills are my ability to transform knowledge into practical actions, which may require continuous practice to improve.
3. Thought: Thought is a way of viewing and explaining the world, which is a set of internal beliefs and values. I hope my thoughts are inclusive, gentle, and powerful. I also very much keen to understand the spirit and thoughts of others and build bridges between individuals.
4. Communication: I really enjoy sincere and deep communication. Everyone is a world, and I hope to learn about a new world, and I am also happy to be able to share my own world.