Hello, I am a development science researcher interested in well-being, individual development, children, adolescents, and families in the digital age; A computational social science learner who hopes to use data science to serve human development and well-being research; A researcher on artificial intelligence chatbots hopes to learn more about the relationship between artificial intelligence and people's daily lives.
Xiping Jiang


Welcome to my personal website! Here, I would like to share with you my thoughts and thoughts in the field of research. Here are three main areas of my focus

  1. Family systems, children and adolescents, and digital context: In this increasingly digital era, we need to gain a deeper understanding of how the digital environment shapes family relationships and the growth of children and adolescents. As one fundamental unit of society, the communication, interaction, and relationships within the family have a profound impact on the psychology and behavior of its members. The structure of the family system, the impact of social media on social connections and interpersonal relationships, interventions and prevention related to family and parenting, how to guide children and adolescents to use digital tools in a healthy manner, are all issues that I am concerned about.
  2. Well-being and mental health: Well-being is not just an abstract concept, it is closely related to our quality of life, physical health, and psychological state. I am committed to exploring well-being, mental health, interpersonal relationships, and love, as well as designing appropriate strategies to enhance happiness and promote mental health.
  3. Computational social sciences and digital humanities: Digital technology is profoundly changing our society and culture. Computational social sciences and digital humanities, as emerging interdisciplinary disciplines, can help us better understand these changes and provide guidance for future social development. I hope to reveal the social and cultural patterns hidden in numbers through data and algorithms, and do some interesting and meaningful things.

Core philosophy: The core of all these research fields is’ human’. Whether it’s family, individual development, well-being, or the digital transformation of society, I always focus on human needs, emotions, and behavioral patterns. I firmly believe that compared to designing more advanced tools, we first need to understand human better.